Farewell Superman

This morning I was saddened to learn of Christopher Reeve's death. Suddenly, I found myself a twentysomething again, with nothing better to do before hitting the bars on a Friday night than to pay a buck to see Superman with my friends. There we were, stretched out on the parquet dance floor of the Grand Ballroom in the Martin Luther King Student Union at Eastern Illinois University . . . some with pillows and others with those cool bed chairs, (pillows with arms) and a brown grocery bag, with Rorschach grease spots on the sides, full of popcorn and Cokes spiked with rum. And there HE was, bigger than life and beautiful, dreamy even . . . Superman. Sigh. What girl wouldn't want him to reverse the earth in order to save her? Now, that was love. Maybe I have my Superman movies mixed, but I think you know what I mean. Later on, there were other movies, some okay, some not okay, but still Christopher was, well, Superman. Remains of the Day, I think, was his best performance by far. Until now, that is, his performance as a proponent for stem cell research and as a spokesman for those affected by spinal injuries were by far and wide his best. I was really, really hoping to see him walk again. I hope the foundation that bears his name can continue what was begun. I do believe the day will come when they will walk again. Here's wishing the best for his family during this time and the days to come.


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