The Joy of Reading?

Okay, so I'm at the grocery store last night buying more graham crackers for the s'mores we're having along with hotdogs at the bonfire last night. I used to be a HUGE Dean Koontz fan years ago. Lightning and Strangers along with Watchers were some of my favorite reads. I mean I really, really enjoyed them. But, somewhere along the way, Koontz became formulaic, and I lost interest. Last night, however, I scanned the first few lines of Odd Thomas, liked what I read, so I picked it up from the paperback rack on the way out. I decided to start reading today, and I'm only on page 9 and already find it a tedious read. The storyline is one which interests me -- a young man with whom the dead communicate and so on. But, it's full of lines like these:

"Although the dawn had just broken, it had already flash-fried into a hard yellow yolk on the eastern horizon."

My question -- is that really as horrible a sentence as I think it is, or have my reading tastes simply surpassed Koontz' writing expertise? Is he in it now only for the money, or have I outgrown him?

I don't remember his other books being so odious. I should probably pick one up and reread it, but truthfully, I'm afraid I'll be disappointed and will find the charm of their memories tarnished. Maybe I should just keep them as they are, fond memories, and keep this sentence in mind the next time I'm tempted to pick up his newest release.



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