Small Bodies, Small Voices

Small bodies with small voices, calling,

"Daddy, Daddy!"

A common man in a pick up truck stops and looks out the open passenger-side window saying,

"Where are you? I can't see you,"

with love and laughter in his voice.

He goes on to say, "Wait there with Mom, and I'll be right back."

Tears sting my eyes as I'm immediately drawn back many years to 2 little girls hiding in a leafy maple waiting for daddy to come home from work. A common man in a Chevy pick up who never let on that he knew we were hiding waiting for him. No matter how tired he was he always would 'look' for us following our giggles. And when he'd find us, he'd always wait for us to climb out of the tree and with one girl on each hand we'd walk to the house where mom was in the kitchen setting dinner on the table. Life then was good.

One of those girls is now 47 with a mom who has been dead a year. Amazing how fast years fly by. Three hundred and sixty-five days she's been out of our lives now, but not out of our hearts. I suppose it will get easier as the time passes but what I'd give to pick up the phone and hear her say,

"What you doing?"

Miss you mom.



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