flood-gate (flud'gat) n:1. A gate that controls the flow of a body of water. 2. Something that restrains a flood or outpouring.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare. This is the worst flooding that we've experienced in our neck of the woods in about 20 years. I live in Vincennes, IN a mere few blocks from the levee which separates town from river (Wabash). My sister probably lives as close to the same river except she's in the country on the Illinois side. She and her son have already moved to higher ground while her husband, Tim, stays on at the farm. He called in friends last week and moved out 20,000 bushels of corn which he sold. Dad shared a story with me last night that Tim once shared with him about his [Tim's] dad and granddad and how one time his dad was so pissed with his grandpa because grandpa had sold about the same amount of corn for a buck a bushel. His granddad's reply? "I'd rather get a buck a bushel than to let the river have it." Sounds like a pretty wise man to me.

She told me last night that the water was a mere 4 inches from the top of the levee in some places. She worries because it's moving at something like 200,000 gallons per minute or something like that. The men have already sandbagged the levee, and now they can only wait. Just as we wait here in the city on the Indiana side. It's long been said that city officials will 'cut' the Illinois levees before they'll let the Wabash take the city. Better to flood the farm lands, they say.

While at Walgreen's last night, one of the checkers was telling of a bereft man who had just left the store. Emergency personnel were dragging the river for his 19 year old son. I read an email issued today by Campus Police about the missing boy. Seems he was last seen on the CSX trestle that spans the river. It's not far from our campus and many thrill-seeking students like to venture out on it - which is illegal to say the least. I'm afraid they won't find this boy. With the current of the river, it's likely if he did go in that he can survive. Plus temperatures are in the 20's. This old river has claimed more than it's fair share throughout the year.

Writing these words tonight brings to mind something I heard earlier today. I overheard someone say that this deviation in weather (hurricanes, rain, mudslides, snow, etc.) is a sign of the endtimes. What the hell does that mean - the endtimes? Nature has a way of taking care of herself is all. And how about those blaming the tsunami on the sins of the Asian folks? What's to blame for a natural disaster but an ever-changing Earth? I really don't think a god of any sort had anything to do with it. Interesting how other folk think though.

Floodgates - things to hold water back. Funny how some folks tend to compare a good cry to opening up the floodgates.


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Sorry to hear about the missing boy. Natural disasters have a way of claiming the lives of innocence.

Hope you are doing well, and staying dry!


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