Happy New Year

The drive to my dad's home takes me across what is known in these part as Allison prairie. What it actually is is a section of bottom land between the Wabash and Embarras Rivers in Illinois. When farmers used chisel plows, I think that's what they're called, for spring planting, they'd often bring up all sorts of arrowheads, stone axes and other prehistoric Native American artifiacts that had long ago been silted over by the many winter/springtime floods of the rivers. The Wabash River was also a source of mussels and from 1900 to 1930 pearl buttons were big business for many Vincennes, IN residents. Now, the few fresh water pearls that are left go for fairly high prices in a small shop located on the Illinois side of the river.

Many may recognize the Wabash as the river that George Rogers Clark and his men crossed on their march from Kaskaskia, IL to Vincennes via the Vincennes Trace on their way to the eventual capture of Vincennes from the French. The area of land between these 2 rivers at that time was known as "Purgatory Swamp," or "Devil's Holes" because animals and men could be lost in the deep holes found within. The Embarras, pronounced Ambraw, River on which my hometown of Lawrenceville, IL sits is also flood-prone but smaller than the Wabash; it rises in eastern IL and eventually empties into the Wabash which in turn empties into the Ohio River which ends up in the Mississippi. The Wabash forms much of the western border of IN/IL.

This morning on the drive over to celebrate New Year's Day with dad with the normal NYD fare of ham, beans, cornbread and cabbage, I saw a lone red-tailed hawk perched upon a power line. I always marvel whenever I see them because of their majesty and beauty. On the way home this evening, I saw another one in approximately the same spot except it was on the opposite side of the road. Or, perhaps it was the same one, and I saw it twice. I was struck by the feeling that perhaps my animal totem was being revealed to me on this NYD of 2005. I've long associated myself with the spider totem because of my creativity and writing, but I suppose a person can be connected to more than one totem. So, I did some research into the red-tail hawk as a totem, and here's what I learned:

Role:  The Visionary

Lesson: Discover Dormant Abilities

Element: Fire/Air

Wind: East, Illumination & Peace

Medicine: Channeling

A person that is connected with the red-tail hawk is one with a sharp mind, an observant person who 'sees' and knows much. While this can unnerve many who know this person, it's simply just keen observation that allows one to make the observations, nothing more. These people are often hard to fool. These folks are also very direct sometimes to the point of bluntness which also tends to cause unease in others. These people also tend to be stewards of the earth and will do what they can to protect and guard the earth. And just as a red-tail hawk won't achieve it's trademark red tail feathers until maturity, those that are on the spiritual path also will not achieve their true strength until they have earned it through their spiritual journey.

So, perhaps this first day of 2005 is the first day of a new spiritual journey for me. We shall see.

Happy New Year to all.


Blogger taliendo said...

Happy New Year, Cher!

I hope the time spent with your father, and the break from school, was a joyous time. Much love and peace in the new year.


7:48 AM  
Blogger coldteablues said...

Dan -

A Happy New Year to you, my friend. I hope your holidays went well.


8:29 PM  

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