Shattered Stone - Greenlawn Cemetery

Today the sun shone all day. After what seems like day after dreary day. a day of sunshine was a welcome treat. So, after work, I grabbed my camera, jumped in the Blazer and headed out to get some new shots.

After driving around and finding nothing of interest, I decided to visit a graveyard ... cemetery, boneyard, boot hill, burial ground, burying ground, God's acre, memorial park, necropolis, polyandrium, potter's field, churchyard, catacomb. Amazing, really, all these terms for a city of the dead. And a city it is with well-marked streets and beautifully manicured lawns. There's peace to be found there. Today the dead were talking; they didn't mind my intrusion. Have you ever noticed the beauty found within the city of the dead? Obelisks, celtic crosses, lambs, angels, and shattered, lichen covered slabs. A living place inhabited by the dead. Solace, this evening, for my troubled heart. They welcomed my tears.

Today is Imbolc when the earliest whispers of spring can be heard as the goddess nurtures her young son. This time of the year is associated with beginning growth and is an initiatory period for many. Seeds of our hopes and dreams for the coming summer months may be planted on this day. Many will also celebrate Imbolc tomorow as the Catholic celebration of Candelmas while others wait to see whether or not the groundhog will see her shadow.


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