A Tear For Terri

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I can't help but feel anger toward those comparing Terri Schiavo's situation to the suffering, cruxifiction, and finally ressurection of Christ. Yes, I heard it all today along with the children who were arrested trying to save her, and the fellow who tried stealing a gun in order to rescue her, and finally the other gent who supposedly offered over 3 million bucks to off her husband Michael. There's no doubt this is a highly emotional issue.

From grandstanding politicians to religious leaders who are threatening with promises of lost political support to regular Joes on both sides of the fence, everyone seems to be forgetting all about Terri herself. This has suddenly turned from being all about her to all about who can yell the loudest.

I don't believe that Terri has been in that room in that hospice facility for many years. The soul that was Terri has long since passed from this world. I don't believe that any soul would remain in a husk of a body. A soul needs nuturing and socializing and the body that was Terri quit providing that over 15 years ago.

Terri, I hope that you are happier now than you were in your previous life.



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