There's something to be said about the newness of the first perfect Saturday of Spring. Plenty of sunshine, a cloudless blue sky, a warm breeze, things blooming everywhere and creatures on the move. This afternoon I saw 2 snakes, a racoon, a squirrel, a couple of opossums and a cat all dead on the road, victims of our machines. I thought, "What a bummer," afterall, they were only out to enjoy the newfound spring day just as we were.

In the bigger picture of things, I suppose I could say, "What a bummer," whenever someone dies from cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, murder, rape, etc. ... victims of a bigger machine. Deaths that we don't understand anymore than those roadkill victims do. I wonder if death is something they comprehend. Do they fixate on it like their human counterparts do, or do they truly live in the moment like many of us claim to want to do?

And what about souls? Souls are a big thing with humans. Souls. I watched one of the snakes die this afternoon. I no longer fear death. I sat with it and waited as it completed its cycle. I watched and said a prayer to the goddess. I like to think its soul was released back into the repository and will soon find another being to inhabit.

Wow, I delved pretty deeply tonight.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always been bummed out by animals dead by the side of the road.

When I get home it just makes me squeeze my cats a little harder.

I've often been known to stop the car and help critters cross the road (frogs/turtles/whatever). I helped out a very old snapping turtle one time (very carefully). Sucker must've weighed 75 lbs.


9:29 PM  
Blogger coldteablues said...

Thanks for reading and understanding. I hurts to see these gentle things suffer.

9:45 PM  

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