Full Moon

Beltane Moon3
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There's something about the moon that stirs my blood. It seems I've always had an affinity for her - long before I learned to call her goddess. I remember when I was young long before seat belt laws and laying in the back window of the car staring up at the moon. The windows would be down drawing in the sweet night air and the raucous sound of night creatures. i was never afraid.

What a difference a few miles make. My father has a rural home, and I'm fortunate to live only about 15 minutes away. I love to visit often. Nights are the best. The moonlight is incredibly bright where he lives. Where I live, she must compete with the artificial light of tennis courts and walkways. Stars are very minimal as well. But, tonight I got lucky.

She is beautiful in her turgidity tonight; craters mark her surface. Lacy leaves partially conceal her as they flutter in a gentle wind. Leafy Moon With no students around I have the campus to myself tonight, and it's magical.



Blogger taliendo said...

I share your affinity for the governess of the night sky. She is truly a commander of ethereal forces, affecting the sea within and without.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful photo.

8:06 AM  

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