Kingdom Of Heaven

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I just got in from seeing this film. I don't normally read reviews or pay much attention to them when I do, but I must admit that I really went into this film without knowing how I would come out. I wanted badly to like the film, and I did.

It parallels very much what is occuring within our own lives at this time .... war for all the wrong reasons. Greed should never be the reason for a war but sadly most often is. Greed under the guise of godliness is indescribably evil. As is the death of so many innocents and the insurgence of fundamentalists.

Whether Scott meant to make a statement with this film, or whether he simply wanted to release the first blockbuster of the summer season makes no difference to me. What he did was portray men ... human beings at their best and at their worst. And the under it all a theme of tolerance, understanding and respect conquering the greed.

Sounds like a good bible story to me.



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I really love that photo, Cher. (not to say that all your photos aren't great.)

thanks for sharing. . .I think I'll have to put that one on my rent list though. :)


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