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You know, I've never really given much thought to my high school since graduating way back in, errrrrm, '75, but it struck me this evening as I was driving to Bridgeport that I've been 'out' for 30 years now. Jeesh, where does the time go.

As I said, I drove to Bridgeport, IL this evening after work at the request of an uncle to shoot some photos of the school as it's set for demolition within the next couple of weeks. He has asked me to work up a presentation for the school board in order to show them his idea for displaying the original bell.

The school has a couple of entrances with small columns (the main entrance columns are too large to use) that he would like to use along with their lintels to support the bell. I've come up with a couple that I think will be a good to present and will be taking them over to show him on Thursday.

Funny, I've never really missed the old school, never felt nostalgic toward it, but suddenly I find myself somewhat sad to see it go. I'm not sure that high school is ever the wonderful time that many claim it is. I know it wasn't for me. And while I wasn't really excited about going away to college, I never dreamed I'd end up back around my home area, but here I've been for almost 20 years.

As I was walking around the school grounds taking photos, I could hear the sounds of a track meet. Kids were coming and going from the school. Some gave me odd looks while others paid no attention whatsoever to an "old" woman taking photos. Several teachers entered the building, but not one of them asked me who I was, or why I was taking photos. Perhaps I haven't been the only one. I found myself thinking back to all the spring honors programs my parents found themselves attending since my sis and I were both involved in band, chorus and the usual clubs and organizations. Maybe that's what was happening there tonight as well.

I found myself remembering teachers that I hated and those that I liked. Many long gone, and some still living. That's the surprise - those that are still living. They seemed so much older back then! They were probably the age I am now (48) which isn't really all that old. Of course at 16, 17 or 18, it's simply ancient.

So I sit here tonight, writing this blog entry with a slight smile and a tinge of sadness. Life moves on.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cher,

I've often commented that if I could rewind my life (not saying I want to, just saying if) - take me back to the last day of high school or the first day of college.

Put me back in high school and I don't think I could take it again.


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