Spirea Winter

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I remember being a kid and loving April because it finally meant I could run outside barefoot and not get yelled at too badly by my mom. Like most kids, I LOVED running around barefoot. I still can recall the cold, damp, slick surface of freshly disked soil in the field as my uncle prepped it for planting - usually corn. I would make a game of jumping from huge clod to huge cloud of the redolent earth and the feel of it against my bare soles. And sometimes, tho I'd never admit it to mom, my feet would ache from the cold.

But then, at the end of April and into early May, just when we thought spring was truly here, we'd waken to Spirea Winter and out would come jackets and caps all over again.

That's what we've been experiencing here on campus for the past 2 weeks. Just when the kids got suckered into the 70-80 degree days, BAM Mother Nature had other ideas. She sure put a damper on raging hormones.

Ahhhh, but it's been lovely despite the colder daytime and even chillier night temps. The flowers this spring have been exceptional and the skies deep blue. A week ago, I was chasing my first rainbow of the year.

It's supposed to be near 80 by Sunday just in time as my staff will depart for home after closing the hall. It'll be nice to have the hall to myself for over a month. Peaceful and all quiet-like.



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