Minnehaha FWA

Minnehaha FWA
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Today was another good road trip day and my travels again took me north of Vincenes to the Sullivan, Dugger, Linton areas. Dugger is an old town that at one time was a boom town because of coal. Now, like so many other towns, there's very little left. However, what there IS a lot of is 'reclaimed' land. You know the land that when the coal companies are finished with it, they replace the top soil they're scraped off in the quest for coal. Now it's land full of beautiful blue lakes but little else. The land is simply scrub. Scrub trees, scrub grasses, and scrub roads accessing these State Wildlife Areas. I never did find the Sullivan forest the signs swore were only a couple of miles in.

What a load of crap. Reclaimed my ass. How can soil that has taken years to develop be reclaimed? I've yet to see an area ever recover. The lakes my be stocked with fish (the signs, complete with state fisheries provided pictures) show that they are, but the fishermen I watched come in were coming in empty-handed. Perhaps they belive in capture and release?

Anyway, I just really hate seeing strip mining which is quite common in this area.



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