Old Depot

Old Depot
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The buttery copper light that spilled from the doorway caught my eye as I rushed by on my way home from dad's tonight. As usual, my thoughts were elsewhere, but that glimpse was enough to make me turn back to get a shot of the old Depot.

It was a depot long before it was a depot/laundromat, and now it's simply a laundromat. The tracks that once ran parallel to the building are long gone.

I remember weekly visits to this very laundry with mom, grandma, grandpa (he drove the women in his Chevy), and my little sis. When I was a kid, the trains still made daily runs between Lawrenceville, IL and Vincennes, IN a mere 10 miles away. What fun it was! The noise, the people, the sounds and smells of both clean and dirty laundry. I'm sure mom and grandma didn't see the fun of it. We lived in the country on a well and had to haul water weekly from grandpa's house in town, so doing laundry in town was cheaper. In the summer, we didn't pay to dry it - that's what the clotheslines were for. There's no fabric softener that can begin to mimic the sunshine in those freshly laundered sheets.

That coppery color spilling from the doorway spawned another memory tonight. Maybe grandpa's chauffering us wasn't the only reason he came along seems he was our babysitter as well. This memory is of brand new pennies laid out in a row on the railroad track waiting for the train to come in. It was neat seeing how the train mashed them thin. I don't know who had more fun - grandpa or those long-ago little girls.

A couple of years ago some of the girls living in the res hall I manage came in with some really cool pendants they had punched holes in and strung on black silk ribbons. They were pennies and nickels they had put on the tracks not far from campus. One pendant was actually a nickel with a penny on top. It was pretty cool. Hmmmm, maybe tomorrow I'll stop by the tracks and try my hand at it once again. With 70 trains passing through town per day, I shouldn't have to wait long for smashed pennies.



Blogger taliendo said...

Great memories, Cher. thanks for sharing. :)

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As mentioned elsewhere... "buttery copper light" really works well.


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