Political Car Bomb, Or Religion And Politics

I happened to catch NOW on PBS last night, and while it presented both sides of the issue in question, I can see why certain conservative factions are proposing cutting the PBS budget within the next couple of years.

The main issue last night was the case of, "LG," (now named) a 13 year old ward of the state of Florida who ran away from a foster home and in May found herself 3 months pregnant and requesting an abortion.

The judge in this case originally ruled against the abortion due to her age, but later changed his ruling after the results of a psychological exam. Jeb Bush once again stepped in with political strong arm tactics to stop the abortion. It was only after the case went national that some stepped forward wanting to adopt LG if she would have her baby.

This case had nothing to do with LG and EVERYTHING to do with the divisive issue of abortion.

Judge Alvarez, a Catholic, was contacted by a certain group wanting to know who his priest was. Alvarez considered it an intimidation tactic after the judge in the Schiavo case was forced to leave his church due to his ruling.

When asked whether or not he believed that it was a judge's responsibility to rule by or through his religion, Alvarez stated simply, "no." He went on to say that as a Catholic, if he were to rule by his religion, then he could not rule over divorce trials as the Catholic Church doesn't believe in divorce nor could he rule over a death penalty case as the church doesn't believe in capital punishment.

On the flip side, Rev. Scarboro of somewhere in the heart of TX was also interviewed. If I remember correctly, his was one of the loudest voices during the Schiavo media frenzy. While Alvarez was logical, Scarboro was the opposite. Yes, he is entitled to his beliefs as a clergyman, but he is not schooled in the law and while he believes in a "higher" law, it is NOT YET the law of this country no matter how he and others of his ilk wish it were so.

Here are some terms he used to describe Alvarez and other judges like him: "this judicial elite," "out of control," and "better than others." I somehow didn't get the impression he was labeling conservative judges a long with the liberal ones. He went on to say that he would have had Alvarez out of his congregation without hesitation due to the LG ruling. He also proposes withdrawing funding from liberal judges courts. Sure, they can hear cases; they just wouldn't have anywhere to hear them. In other words, the judges would have to come up with the funds themselves. Unbelievable.

In this same segment of NOW, a teaser for an upcoming POV segment concerning the case of a 16 year old girl (I have forgotten her name) is taking on Lubbock, TX where they have a ceremony that teens take in which they pledge to remain abstinent until marriage. It's a religious thing complete with rings, etc. Her concern is the rising number of teen pregnancies and STI within Lubbock and the fact that there is absolutely no sex ed in the school system. A comment from her still sticks with me. She said that there are teachers in her HS who support her albeit under the radar while those who don't have no fear and do it openly. That old double standard just pisses me off.

Anyway, just wanted to ramble a bit. As usual, everything here is simply my opinion based on something I observed last night.



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