Silver Linings

Silver Linings
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It's been far too long since I last posted here. Where does it go?

Well, we've made it through yet another move-in weekend here at VU and today was the first day of classes. Funny how I don't mind it as much this year. I usually have a tough time adjusting from the peace and quiet of an often too short summer to the grating noise of hundreds of teens and twenty-somethings that descend like locusts every fall. Move-in was very smooth this year, and while I'm physically tired, I am not suffering from the mental fatigue that has often plagued me in the past.

Last Friday, I picked up some needed groceries after work and was treated to the most glorious sunset I think I've ever seen. The photo accompanying tonight's blog is one of many shots I took that evening. Photographing that sky was indeed a balm to my tired soul. I tried to capture the beauty of it with these words:

Silver Linings

Gray clouds
gilt in silver
revive my tired soul.
A storm-laden sky glows golden;
the clouds close ranks as the
sun drops.

Copyright Cher Cunningham, 2005


Blogger taliendo said...

Glad to hear that your transition was a smooth one, Cher.

and again, Beautiful photo, beautiful words.


2:18 AM  

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