I Want You

I Want You (B&W)
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I love to alley crawl. It's where you find life. It's all there in those alleys ... the garbage, the forgotten, the shamed, the beautiful. Tonight I saw the work of a tagger who had sprayed "disead nation" in white on red brick. As I was photographing the tag, I found myself wondering which was saddest the disease that's gripping this nation or the fact that the tagger can't spell.

Later on, down an alley that backed the local recruitment center I saw this sadly faded poster. It was behind a set of dingy blinds, stuck to the window with four pieces of scotch tape. Its owner has probably long forgotten sticking it on the window.

Besides the stern Uncle Sam pointing his finger at me, I was struck by the incongruity of the words on the poster:

"I want you to thank a military service member
For their sacrifices.
For maintaining peace.
For ensuring our freedom.
Reach out. Build a strong America."

And I thought,

"Are their sacrifices worth maintaining peace in a land where we are not wanted?"
"Is it OUR freedom they are ensuring?"
and lastly,
"How strong is America, really?"

Heretical thoughts to some, afterall, if you're not with us, you're against us.



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